Registering for CHMMC 2022-2023

The contest will be held at Caltech on January 21, 2023. Registration is open now, and will close by December 3, 2022.

Rules and Details

This year's CHMMC will take place in person at Caltech. Details on competition logistics will be sent to the coaches at around a week before the competition date.

We are returning to the in-person format this year, so we have restrictions as follows: each school/organization may send up to 2 teams, and only the first 35 teams (not counting individuals) to register will be guaranteed spots at the competition. After reaching capacity, we may open a waitlist registration form, but no registrations after the deadline of December 3, 2022 will be accepted. We ask that a coach, that is a legal guardian, fill out the sign up for each team, and accompany the students of the team to the competition. This includes individual teams (teams consisting of only 1 student).

There will be a registration fee this year of $90 per team (of 2-6 students), or $15 per individual (i.e. a team consisting of 1 student). On the day of the competition, we will attempt to combine those who signed up as individuals into full teams as much as possible (among those individuals that wish to be combined).

Finally, due to Caltech guidelines, all students on a team as well as the coach accompanying them to the competition will be required to submit proof of Covid-19 vaccination (this is a requirement to fill out the registration form), and present proof of vaccination on the day of the competition. Teams without complete proof of vaccination will not be allowed to compete at the competition.

More details about registration can be seen on the registration form here.