Registering for CHMMC 2021-2022

The contest will be held virtually on April 2, 2022. Registration was open until March 1st, 2022 11:59 PM, but has now closed. If you were unable to register before this date due to some extenuating circumstance, please let the contest organizers know at chmmc-help at caltech dot edu.

Rules and Details

This year's CHMMC date will be announced soon. The contest will take place entirely virtually/remotely. Details on how to access the competition platform will be sent to the coaches a few days before the competition date.

Due to the virtual format this year, we do not have restrictions due to physical space and thus the registration rules are as follows: each school/organization may send up to 4 teams, but the cap on the total number of teams in the competition has been lifted. This means that unlike previous years, if you fill out the registration form to completion, you will have a guaranteed spot for your (up to 4) team(s).

Additionally due to the virtual format, we anticipate much lower operation costs, and therefore there will be no registration fee this year (registration will be free).

Individuals and incomplete teams are still welcome to register. Similarly to full teams, there will be no registration fee. On the day of the competition, we will attempt to combine incomplete teams as much as possible on the day of the contest.